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For telematics system developers

 In the "SIGNAL" and "SMART" devices for all variants of the transmission of telematics information via communication channel, two protocols are used:
  •  binary protocol (NTCB);
  •  text protocol (NTCT).

 A text (symbolic) protocol is used for telemetry transmit via the SMS service of cellular operators. Packages of this protocol are limited by the length of one SMS-message (140 characters) and do not include all system information. This protocol is suitable for the organization of security panels, where the receipt of information is necessary only for alarm events and for periodic monitoring of the integrity of the security system. However, commands and requests for this protocol may affect on the operation of the entire device.

 For transmitting full information about system, changing settings and internal software, a binary protocol for data exchange via USB, GPRS and CSD channels is used. Protocol is divided into application and transport layers. While the transport layer is the same for all communication channels, the result of commands execution of the application layer and their set are different for the various interfaces used for their transmission or because of the operation logic and device settings and command assignments; or because of external circumstances, such as: the level and power supply of the system, the presence of the service of the cellular operator, the features of the cellular communication functioning and the GSM-modem.

 Information protocol exchange for “SIGNAL” and “SMART” is open and is publicity available.

NTC Server Program - telematics server emulator

 NTC Server program is the telematics server emulator to which devices that support the NTCB information exchange protocol can be connected. This program is designed for visual presentation of information transmitted by the device. The following devices formats are supported: F-4, F-5, F-5.2, F-6, FLEX. NTC Server significantly simplifies the process of implementing a protocol on a telematics server.

 In order to use the NTC Server program and to establish connection with the device, a computer connected to the Internet and which has an external IP address is required. In the configuration settings of the device, in the tab with the settings of the telematics servers, the IP address and port data are specified in order the device is able to connect to the computer on which the server emulator is installed. More...

Program NTC Flex Emulator – telematics device emulator

 The NTC FLEX Emulator program is a telematics device emulator that transmits information in the FLEX format (a highly customizable information interaction protocol), and is designed for visual representation of the process of transferring data to the server in this format. It is designed to help programmers to implement this protocol on a telematics server as quickly as possible. More...

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