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Repair of transport GPS/GLONASS-monitoring equipment

Service center contacts

Dear partners! Before sending equipment for repair, we urge you to read the information below.


 The warranty period for the transport GLONASS-monitoring equipment manufactured by Navtelecom LLC is 3 years. The warranty for the built-in accumulator and the battery is provided separately and amounted to 1 year.

 The warranty start is the date of sale.

 During the warranty period, the manufacturing company undertakes to carry out a free repair of the product, subject to the customer complies with the rules of transportation, storage, installation and operation.

 The present guarantee is valid only upon presentation of complete, correct and legibly filled passport (showing serial number, name, date of sale of the product, presence of the trade organization seal, signature of the buyer about the familiarity with the warranty terms and the operating rules) with the product itself.

 The manufacturing company shall not guarantee the software and the hardware compatibility of the product with software and equipment not included in the delivery set, except as specified in the Operating manual.

 The manufacturing company shall not be liable for the possible material, moral and other damage, suffered by the owner of the product and/or the third-party as a result of the violation of requirements of the Operating manual during use, storage or transportation of the product.

 Rubbing marks and other minor damages to the product surfaces that do not affect its technical characteristics and that were appeared as a result of its normal use do not result in loss of the right to warranty services

 The life of the equipment with the exception of the built-in accumulator and batteries is 10 years.

The present guarantee does not apply to:

- documentation and packaging materials supplied with the product;
- modernization of the product.

The right to the warranty service is lost in the following cases:

 - if the defects of the product are caused by the violation of rules for its operation, storage or transportation;
- if the defects of the product are caused by the direct or indirect effects of mechanical forces, chemical, thermal or physical effects, radiation, aggressive or neutral liquids, gases or other factors, toxic or biological environments and any other effects of artificial or natural origin of a destructive nature;
- if the repairs, maintenance or upgrading of the product are made by persons, who are not authorized to do so by the manufacturing company;
- if the defects of the product are caused by the force majeure circumstances which the manufacturing company could not foresee, control and prevent;
- if there are no or damaged warranty seals or stickers set up in the product by the manufacturing company or the Service center authorized by the manufacturing company;
- if the defects of the product are caused by its joint use with an equipment or a software that are not included in the delivery set, unless otherwise specified in the Operating manual;
- if the defects of the product are caused by its operation as part of a set of defective equipment.

Procedure for applying to the Service center

 Navtelecom LLC service center specialists provide warranty and post-warranty service for the manufactured equipment. Technical support is provided both at direct reference to service center, and remotely.

 We want to draw up your attention that it is recommended to perform initial request for technical support remotely since it often turns out that the solution to the problem is on the surface and device diagnostics is not required. As a rule, the device starts to operate incorrectly because its configuration or connection is incorrect. In order our specialists have an opportunity to establish whether the settings were made correctly, it is necessary to send to the specified e-mail information which is displayed in the main NTC Configurator window:

- type and model of the device;
- the version of the used NTC Configurator program;
- device firmware version;
and also it is necessary to attach a configuration file.

 The main reasons for the failure of the device (which are not connected with the manufacturer’s defect) are:

- external influences (ingress of liquid into the device, etc.);
- exceeding of the maximum permitted voltage for the device (most often it occurs in vehicles with defective electrical equipment);
- connection errors

 If all the possibilities of a remote call to technical support were exhausted, or you are sure that there is a manufacturing defect, or there is an obvious malfunction, then agree with our specialists how to return the failed equipment for repair. In order to do this, you need to call the Service on the specified phone numbers in advance and determine the date of delivery of the equipment for diagnostics. On the day of receipt / transfer of equipment for repair, it is also necessary to call and arrange a visit time.

 When transferring defective devices to the Service, a “Passport” with information on the date of sale and the stamp of the trading organization and the Complaint Act are required. In some cases, to determine the malfunction, additional equipment is required (GSM antenna, GPS / GLONASS antenna, hands-free device, SIM card used). If a password has been set on the equipment, it must be removed or transferred to our specialist. The owner remains a copy of the act of receiving and transmitting equipment to the Service.

 The equipment delivered to the Service center will be diagnosed, and the reasons for its failure will be detected. If, as a result of the diagnostics, it is revealed that the equipment has failed due to violations of the operating conditions, the repair will be recognized as non-warranty and its cost, as well as the cost of the replaced components will be agreed with the device owner. Repair of this device will be made only after the coordination of work. When repair is completed, the owner is issued a certificate of completion, indicating the type of work, the type of components replaced and the total cost of repair.

 If repair was under guarantee the manufacturer assume the costs for the replaced components and the work on their replacement. Approximate terms of repair of the equipment are discussed at its reception. At the end of this period, the client needs to call the service center to clarify information about the completion of the repair.

 Attention! When sending parcels by shipping companies or courier services, delivery must be carried out strictly to Company office. Payment of shipments by one party or another must be previously agreed with the employees of Navtelecom LLC. Our Company uses only a non-cash payment system.

Cost of non-warranty repair

 The cost of non-warranty repair depends on the complexity of work performed and the cost of components required for it.

 The minimum cost of repairs, including equipment diagnostics, is 20 USD with VAT. In case if defects were not found in the equipment and if its full working capacity was confirmed, this amount is charged for diagnostics.

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