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Service programs

NTC Server - telematics server emulator for working with "SIGNAL" and "SMART" devices

 NTC Server program is a telematics server emulator to which devices that support the NTCB information exchange protocol can be connected. This program is designed for visual presentation of information transmitted by the device. The following device formats are supported: F-4, F-5, F-5.2, F-6, FLEX.

 In order to use NTC Server program and to install connection with the device, computer connected to the Internet and which has external IP-address is required. In order the device can connect to the computer on which the server emulator is installed, IP address and port data are specified in the configuration settings of the device, in the tab with the settings of the telematics servers.

 In order to run the program, it is necessary to unpack the archive downloaded from our site into the selected directory and open the executable file NTC_Server.exe.

 In the NTC Server settings, an open port of the computer is indicated and the “START” button is pressed. The program is ready to receive data from the device. In its turn, the previously configured device is powered, and it is connected to the computer on which the server emulator is installed.

 When a connection is established, the program window displays the connected device and information about it:

- Object ID;
- Format (format in which the device transfers telematics data);
- Received (amount of received data in bytes);
- Sent (amount of data sent in bytes);
- Last time (time of the last packet received);
- Data (package type). 

 In addition to information about the device, the program window displays incoming data packets that the device sends, and outgoing packets that are sent by the server emulator on command. Each incoming packet can be parsed, i.e. information sent by the device in hexadecimal format can be displayed in decrypted form.

 In parsed (decrypted) data packets in FLEX format, time and date values differ from the time and date in F-4 format. Read more in the protocol description.

 The “Properties” block commands and requests (query the device model and the current state, send commands to connect to RFU and RCS, block input lines and control output lines) can be sent, and also the state of the device at the time of receiving the last data packet is shown.

 The Temp folder, which is located in the root folder of the program, log files for each device are saved.

 In order to finish working with NTC Server, click the STOP button and close the program window.

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