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NTC FLEX Emulator - telematics device emulator

  NTC FLEX Emulator program is a telematics device emulator that transmits information in the FLEX format (a highly customizable information interaction protocol). This program is designed for visual representation of the process of data transferring to the server in this format. It is designed to help programmers to implement this protocol on a telematics server as quickly as possible.

  In combination with the NTC Server program which is telematics server emulator, NTC FLEX Emulator becomes a convenient tool for studying the process of data exchange between the server and the device.

  In order to run the program, it is necessary to unpack the archive downloaded from our site into the selected directory and open the executable file Ntc_FLEX_Emulator.exe.

  The program settings specify the IP address and port of the telematics server. Address of the local server (to work with the NTC Server program running on the same computer as the NTC FLEX Emulator) is specified by default. Also, if necessary, it is possible to specify the period of sending the ping (empty message with the size of 1 byte) to the server.

  In the device settings, it is possible to change its IMEI, message preamble, dispatch center identifier and object identifier.

  The settings and log windows of the program can be arranged, as you feel comfortable, by dragging them by the header or present them as tabs.

  The FLEX format settings window indicates which parameters should be transmitted to the server. The number of some protocol parameters may differ from the number of parameters used by the device itself, and depends on its model. Values of these parameters are indicated in the main window of the program, in the corresponding tabs. In order for the device emulator connect to the server, it is necessary to click on the "Start" button.

  After formation of a message with the indication of the values of each selected parameter, it is necessary to click on the "Send package" button. After that, the generated package will be sent to the specified server and displayed in the logs. If desired, the log window can be cleared by clicking on the appropriate button.

  “Send the current state” button sends a package with information about the current state of the device.

  “Send package” button with indication of packages number serves for sending several packages in the quantity specified. Packages are sent with the same content, but with different headers.

When selecting parameters of the current state of the control lines, discrete sensors, temperature and CAN parameters in the FLEX settings, but if value was not specified for them (except for the parameter “full engine running time”), in the package will be send information that they are not available.

  “Save” button stores the current location of the program window. Selected parameters settings and logs will but be stored.

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