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RFU – Internet service for remote devices firmware update

 Navtelecom LLC periodically releases new firmware for its devices, which are necessary for changing the operation algorithms, adding new options and eliminating errors. It is strongly recommended to update the firmware as they are released for stable operation of devices. Most devices are located in remote and hard-to-reach places from users, that is why sometimes it is to access directly to them for maintenance. It is not profitable for companies that install and maintain telematics equipment to send their employees to such facilities. As a result, a question about the possibility of providing remote technical support arises.

 The manufacturer of telematics equipment Navtelecom LLC has implemented functions for remote maintenance in their devices, in particular, the function of remote firmware update. RFU service was created for this (Remote Firmware Update). This service allows remotely update the device’s internal program when sending a command via SMS message or a command from a telematics server, and also allows to update the firmware automatically.

 Data transfer occurs via the GPRS channel and its speed depends on the quality of communication. The process of updating the firmware takes on average 10-20 minutes and does not affect the security or monitoring functions of the device.

 Development and support of the remote firmware update service is provided by the manufacturer. Use of this service is free.

Service IP-address:
Port: 9100

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