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NTC Configurator — is a program for setting up the transport GLONASS-monitoring equipment of the SMART and SIGNAL series.

Other versions can be downloaded in the Downloads section.

 NTC Configurator program is designed for setting configurations, updating firmware, checking the functionality of transport GLONASS-monitoring equipment of the SMART and SIGNAL series. This application is own development of Navtelecom LLC and is intended to operate only with devices manufactured by it, or devices manufactured under license of Navtelecom LLC. When using GLONASS trackers together with fuel level sensors, NTC Configurator is capable to perform fuel tanks taring.

 Configuration settings and firmware updates using this program are performed when devices are connected directly to a computer via USB interface or remotely via the Internet.
The application interface is intuitive and is presented in two languages: Russian and English. NTC Configurator also has two types of configuration windows: simplified and advance.

 Simplified mode provides a minimum of settings, which is necessary for online setup of track drawing and connection of the most frequently used external devices and sensors.

 Advanced mode provides all settings that allow to adjust the logic of the device flexibly, according to the wishes of the user and to connect non-standard combinations of sensors to the input lines and interfaces.

 The program includes detailed background information on its use and supported hardware set up.

 NTC Configurator does not have special requirements for system resources and has high speed.
 This software is included in the scope of supply of SMART and SIGNAL equipment; its use is free.

 Download the latest version of NTC Configurator in the Downloads section.

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