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July 31, 2020

Results of the Wialon "GPS Hardware Manufacturers TOP 10" rating for 2020

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  On July 30, 2020, Gurtam summed up the results and held the award ceremony for manufacturers of vehicle monitoring devices and IoT - GPS Hardware Manufacturers TOP 10. Due to the COVID-19 it was held in the form of the online live stream, but we really hope the situation will get better soon and we will be able to finally meet our partners.

The GPS Hardware Manufacturers TOP 10 includes those hardware manufacturers whose devices were connected to Wialon more than others. And this year the places in the TOP-10 were distributed as follows:

  1. Navtelecom (Russia)
  2. Teltonika (Lithuania)
  3. Xirgo Global (Lithuania)
  4. Shenzhen Concox (China)
  5. Ruptela (Lithuania)
  6. CalAmp (USA)
  7. Queclink Wireless Solutions  (China)
  8. TOPFLYTECH Co., Limited  (China)
  9. Suntech  (China)
  10. Bitrek (Ukraine)

  Our team would like to thank all of you for the recognition of our result. First of all, we would like to thank Gurtam for the wonderful products, for the opportunity to develop effective and mutually beneficial cooperation together. At the same time, we are honoured to do business with the industry leader and use generally accepted product.

  We also would like to mention our clients – integrator companies. We thank you for choosing our equipment, good reviews and critical remarks, for your professionalism and enthusiasm. We will continue to be attentive to your advices and requests.

  Furthermore, we cannot fail to note our good partners-manufacturers of sensors and additional hardware. With your products you make vehicle telematics more functionally and interesting.

  We thank our competitors as well. We respect all of you, appreciate your work and note your achievements. We wish you prosperity and new interesting solutions!

  You can watch the recording of the online live stream of the GPS Hardware Manufacturers TOP 10 award in the video below:

<a href="">Photo by Gurtam</a>

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